Friday, 17 January 2014

Critique Influence Change launch competition: '6 Ideas'

The second in our blog series paving the way for the launch of our new Critique Influence Change series is also a Zed Books first: a poem. Zakeera from Brussels has sent in this radical ditty putting forward six policy changes for 2014.

To enter the competition send your ideas to: We are looking for interesting and articulate ideas for social change in 2014. It might just be a few paragraphs, but if it's thought-provoking, we'll put it up on the blog and you might win copies of all 5 of the first books in the series. Full details here.

6 Ideas

If we are to change with words, pictures, mottos
we must explore our hearts, minds and thoughts
1. to realise that life is no more than a lotto
that the borders contain our land, have our dreams caught.

But how do we interact, with such anarchy
are we dedicated to our own property?
2. Ownership for all, and for no one at all
a lofty dream, and an ask that is not small

So these first two reek of ideological fantasy
no promise that the next will be more grounded 
an extension needs to be made on migration policy
3. to allow asylum as protection from a fear well founded
not to criminalise and discriminate all the time,

And what of the poor, the jobless, down trodden
surely the state should be stronger and supporting
4. Nationalisation. Services deemed essential to be broadened
and a return to industry, cultivation, innovation for exporting

so finally, it is time for the final policy change
some have been far fetched, and others strange
but no more than the politicians, harsh and deranged
so no.5 will be to enact Rawl's liberal exchange
the original position, so the gap from bottom to top has less range

Number six is a free gift, as these things are rather important
the struggle for recognition in race and gender cannot be overlooked
an understanding of systematic oppression which has been constant
leads to the destruction of chains, but freedom is far from the books
so acknowledging our points of view are not universal

a nod and a wink goes to ZedBooks, for aiding the dispersal


Realizing Hope:
Life Beyond Capitalism
Michael Albert

An Alternative Economic Policy Manual
Ha-Joon Chang and Ilene Grabel

Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva

The Management of Contemporary Society
Samir Amin

The Merging of Development and Security
Mark Duffield

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